Principal Welcome Back Message
Welcome Back Message
Posted on 08/06/2014

Hallito! Good Morning!
First thank you for taking the opportunity and time to visit our WEB PAGE.
We really appreciate each one of our parents/guardians/family members that have enrolled your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and relatives to our school system. Pinnagai - thank you!
Secondly, anytime you have any questions or concerns about the three schools for PreK-8th grades - we have an OPEN DOOR policy and you are more than welcome to come visit us and the classrooms. I am located in the Elementary School building and my number is 928-656-4252.
Lastly, we have implemented several new innovative strategies for our students and staff to teach and our students "To Learn" from. You will see a lot of engagement activities and styles of learning implemented. We have begun with the 3rd - 8th grades as departmentalized to use the talents and teaching skills of our Teachers to the max. so far the students like it and the teachers are coming aboard to this new style of Teaching students.
Again - thank you and please come see us and be a part of our P.L.C. (Professional Learning Community).

Any question Please call (928)656-4137
Mr. White Eagle K-8 Principal